On the Internship and Career page, you will find links to search engines designed for job seekers, information about pre-employment and internship requirements (such as fingerprinting and purchasing liability insurance), information and materials you will need before applying for a job or internship, as well as some possible questions you may be asked at an interview.

Good search engine to search for internships/careers:

Yahoo Group that lists jobs:

NASP Career/internship search

Internships in School Psychology Doctoral Programs

Florida Internships

Oregon Internships/Careers



(In order to work in the school system you must get a background check - every state has different determining factors that can exempt you from being employed)

Here are Tennessee's automatic exemptions

Places to get Liability Insurance

(When working in the school system one has to have liability insurance)

Material to gather before applying to an internship/career:

A cover letter

Updated resume/vita

Two sample reports with identifying information removed (one special education eligibility and one intervention)

An Official Transcript from all colleges attended

Three professional references

Three professional letters of recommendation

Questions they may ask you during an interview:

Discuss your training and experience working with public school students in grades pre-school through 12th grade.

What is your knowledge and experience with testing and evaluating students for Special Education Services? What tests are you familiar with?

What is your knowledge of Response to Intervention (RtI) and its influence on Special Education? How about PBS, FBA’s, Behavior Plans?

What are your plans after completion of your internship?

What do you see being the role and/or priorities of a School Psychologist in a K-12 school setting?

How would you handle a situation where you were in disagreement with a SPED teacher or provider on what services should be provided a student? How about a disagreement with a Principal? How about a disagreement with a parent?

What do you want out of an internship here?

Discuss your ideas of appropriate boundaries with K-12 students.

How would you handle a situation where abuse was reported to you by a student?

Do you have any questions for us?

Questions you may want to ask during an interview:

What percentage of time will be spent conducting assessment/consultation/counseling/behavior analysis?

Are your interns and school psychologists school-based?

Is there an assigned caseload? How many?

What type of clients/populations do interns typically work with? What type of diversity will I see?

What type of assessments are used most frequently in your district?

Are interns provided with a workspace? Is there access to computers, materials, and other resources needed to score and assess?

What professional development opportunities do you provide for your interns?
(seminars, conferences, and in-service presentations)

If you could hire your ideal school psychologist, what characteristics would they have?

What is your staff turnover rate?

What current goals are you trying to accomplish and how could an intern best help with these goals?

How are interns evaluated?

What type of supervision do interns receive? From how many people? How frequently?

Do most of the interns placed go on to work in the district?

Does internship count toward a step on the district’s salary schedule?

How many interns are you looking to place this coming school year? How many interested applicants have you had?
What is the next step?

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