This timeline is based on the experience of a school psychology intern and the syllabus' provided from the spring practicum and fall internship semesters, at the University Of Tennessee At Chattanooga graduate school Ed.S program. Hopefully you will find this useful as you embark on the exciting journey called internship. During practicum and internship you will be exposed to a variety of school environments ranging from kindergarten to high school, private and public schools, diverse populations, population sizes ranging from 200 to 2000, and a variety of needs.

The school psychologist plays an intricate role in how curriculum for a select number of students, special education, is planned and monitored to provide the least restrictive environment for learning. The position of school psychologist is for you if you like variety and a fast paced environment, enjoy being able to design a plan, implement and monitor it, and making a difference in a student's life. Below is a condensed timeline for becoming a school psychologist, hope you find it helpful when considering the career of a school psychologist.

1. Take the praxis in the summer prior to beginning internship even if you don't pass (pass is 154 in Tennessee, and 165 for NCSP) it's great experience to review the format. The testing focus changes each test session for example the fall test session may focus on history and legal information, and the spring testing sessions may be more focused on instruments and assessments.

2. Have a capstone in mind before beginning internship. This may change as you get more involved in the internship process, but do have your project topic no later than September 30th. If you are later than this date then it is difficult to get the IRB approval and all the literature review done before December.

3. Enter your weekly time logs —-every week!!

4. Enter your reflection weekly/bi-weekly——do it every week!!

5. Enter your summary of activities weekly—do it every week!!

6. There are 11 domains that I would recommend you do as the material becomes available to you, rather than waiting for all the information to begin inputting the domain data. If you wait until all the information to begin inputting data it will take at least 1 week working 8-10 hours daily.

7. Mid October review what you still need in order to complete all the domain requirements, and focus on obtaining that information.

8. Try to have everything for the capstone prospectus submitted by November 1st. This way you will have approval from all the committee members and IRB approval before next semester begins.

9. Have all your domain information by thanksgiving, otherwise you might not receive approval to begin next semester internship when school resumes in January.

10. Spring semester: repeat steps 1-6—weekly time frames is essential!

11. Administer your capstone project as soon as possible so all your paperwork is ready by April 1st.

12. Most importantly—-don't panic

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