What is a School Psychologist Anyway?

School Psychologists are educational professionals who work in collaboration with parents, teachers and other school staff in order to create the most supportive learning environment possible for all students. More specifically, school psychologists work in consultation, evaluation, intervention and prevention, as well as research and planning. Although school psychologists may feel that all they do all day is test students, they are well trained in both education and psychology and are capable of providing parents and teachers with a wide range of information.


  • School psychologists look for solutions to educational and behavioral problems by consulting with teachers, parents and administrators in order to find solutions that can generalize across settings, and to strengthen relationships between families and schools.


  • School psychologists evaluate students in order to determine special education eligibility, to assess academic skills and ability to learn, to make determinations about mental health and social-emotional development, and to evaluate learning environments


  • School psychologists use various interventions to assist in the resolution of interpersonal or family problems interfering with educational performance, to work directly with families in problem resolution, and to assist schools and families in reacting to and handling crisis.


  • School psychologists are also knowledgeable of different preventative measures that can be used to design programs for at-risk students, promote tolerance, increase school safety, and to promote and improve overall school health and climate.

School psychologists typically work in public or private schools, however they may also be found in school-based health centers, clinics, hospitals, universities, state agencies, or in private practice. More detailed information can be found at the National Association of School Psychologist site, accessible online at:

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